Remote Control Transmitter programming guide for Isuzu I280, 2006MY.
No tools required.

Isuzu - Remote Cotrol Transmitter programming instruction

Important notes

There are two possible programming procedures of Remote Controll Transmitter for this vehicle.

Obtain all remote transmitters for this vehicle. This procedure will erase all previously programmed remotes.

You must program all existing and new remotes that you wish to use on the vehicle at this time.

This procedure is for the remote keyless entry only and has nothing to do with the ability to start the engine.

Step-by-Step procedure #1

1. Remove the key from the Ignition Lock.

2. Remove the MALL /BCM PGM Fuse from the fuse box. Fuse will be named MALL or BCM.

Use the legend on the fuse panel or owner's manual to properly locate the MALL/BCM PGM fuse.

3. Get into the car, close all doors and insert the key into the Ignition Switch.

4. Turn the ignition to the ON position - then back to OFF - and again ON (ON-OFF-ON).

5. Open and close driver side door. Vehicle should chime to confirm Remote Control Transmitter programing mode.

6. Press and hold the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons at the remote you are programming.

After about 7 seconds, car should chime once to confirm synchronization of first transmitter.

After about 14 seconds, car should chime again, to confirm that the programming has been completed.

7. Repeat the previous step in order to program each additional transmitter.

8. Turn OFF the ignition and pull out the key from ignition switch.

9. Install the MALL/BCM PGM fuse back into the fuse panel.

Step-by-Step procedure #2

1. Get into the car, close all doors and insert the key into the Ignition Switch (don't turn it).

2. Press and hold the Unlock button on the driver's door. Don't release it.

3. Still holding the Unlock button remove/insert the key 3 times from the Ignition Lock Cylinder (remove-insert-remove-insert-remove-insert) and leave the key in the Ignition Lock. Don't turn ignition ON or other positions; The key must be in 0 (neutral) position.

4. Release Unlock switch on the door. The vehicle should sound 3 beeps to confirm programming mode active.

5. Press both Lock and Unlock buttons simultaneously at your Remote Control Transmitter and hold those for several seconds or until you hear 2 beeps confirming that this new remote has been programmed.

6. Perform previous step again if you have more then one remote (including all existing remotes).

7. Remove the key from  Ignition Lock Cylinder to end programming mode.

Additional notes
PN of remote control transmitters: 10335582, L2C0007T, 10335582-88, 15788020, 34321021779 (and compatible replacements)